Pezinok - Starý zámok II. small castle, perished

Pezinok « Pezinok « Bratislava region (Bratislava historic region)

Small remains of a medieval fortification, heavily destroyed by a neighboring quarry.


In June 2002, the remains of a medieval fortification were discovered. Location was named Starý zámok II (Old Castle II). In the autumn 2003, the first phase of archaeological research took place, which found that the castle was destroyed in the second half of the 13th century, later at least one part of it was reconstructed.

Location N48.343849,E17.222089

On the ridge between the streams Blatina and Sedláčkov jarok, south of the quarry.



By car: Parking is possible about 200 meters from the beginning of Hrubá dolina behind the bridge on the left bank of the stream Blatina (directly below the location). Walk uphill along the forest road to the right for about 70 meters, then left through the forest to the ridge. 400 m, 8 minutes.

By bus: From Pezinok to the bus stop Pezinok,, Cajlanská ul. dolina Stupy. Follow the main road 400 m, then turn to Hrubá dolina on the right. After 200 m turn left across the bridge over the stream Blatina. Follow the forest road uphill for about 70 meters, then turn left onto the ridge. 1 km, 15 min.

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