Bojnický zámok, castle (preserved)

Place: Bojnice, County: Prievidza, Region: Trenčín , Historic region: Nitra

Other names

Bojnice , Bojnický hrad, 1113 Baimoz, Waymich, 1302 castrum Baymuch, 1323 castrum Baymach

Brief description

The first written records of its existence come from 1113 in a document from the Zobor abbey. Originally the fortress was made from wood and grew out of the older fortress. Gradually over the 13th century it was built up from stone. At the end of the 13th century Bojnice was seized by the magnate Matus Cak Trenciansky and the fortress remained in his hands until 1321. After him, in the 14th and 15th centuries, ownership of the fortress changed hands between the following noble families : Gileth, Leustach and Noffry. It is rumoured that King Matej himself took pleasure in visiting Bojnice and would sit under the lime tree opposite the fortress’s entrance, which was named the King Matej Lime tree. He would dictate official documents in its shadow, which would begin: ‘ Sub nostris dilectis tillis Bojniciensibus’. After the death of King Matej the fortress was seized by the Zapolsky troops, who inhabited it till 1526. In 1527 the fortress was given to Alexej Thurzo. The Thurzos transformed the Gothic fortress into a renaissance seat. After the Thurzo family died out, the king presented it to Palffys in 1644. The fortress received a baroque resemblance at the end of the 17th century. The extensive neo-gothic renovation was carried out during the years 1889 to 1910 and changed the fortress into an enchanting castle. In 1970 the castle was declared as a National cultural monument.


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In the downtown of Bojnice, west from the square Hurbanovo námestie.

3D hrady

Hrad Beckov

Kamenní strážcovia III

Malé Karpaty 1935


By train or by bus to Prievidza. From Prievidza to Bojnice by public transport.

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Slovak National Museum - Bojnice Museum (Bojnice castle)

Address: Bojnický zámok, Zámok a okolie č.1, 972 01 Bojnice
Tel.: +421 46 5430633, +421 46 5430624
Fax: +421 46 5430051
Opening hours
May - September, daily except Monday 9AM - 5PM, in July and August open also on Monday
October - April, daily except Monday 10AM - 3PM


The History of Bojnice Castle and its Nobility
Bojnice Castle is not only a national cultural monument, but it also serves as a museum. The castle is one of the most beautiful landmarks to be found in Slovakia and is sought by visitors from the all over the world. More ...


Názvy hradov a zámkov v Slovenskej republike
Slovenský úrad geodézie a kartografie. Bratislava. 1990